It’s official. I’m in love with Hermit crabs.

Hermit crab in its shell

As I spent my first evening on the island beach, these fascinating little creatures were all over the place. I never knew or would have believed hermit crabs come in so many different colors, sizes & shapes had I not seen them with my own eyes.

Naifaru Island’s sunset beach is just teeming with so much marine life. We were on the part of the island that has recently been reclaimed and is made up entirely of corals, shells and clumps of grass off the ocean floor. You will walk a mile or so and all you can see beneath your feet is crushed & compacted coral. The beach is not teaming with tourists but come evening & locals stroll by everyday.

I decided to just sit down and get the best look I could ever get in my life at Hermit Crabs! Every where I turned on the sand were hermit crabs. If you made the time to sit and watch you would see the world an inch above the sandy beach floor come alive. I had no fancy camera, just a plain old blackberry bold with a flash! So I did about everything I could to get as close as I could to the little crustaceans. I can be a patient person especially if something I want is going to come my way. So with the waves lapping at my legs, I just sat down in the wet sand, turned the shells around to face my phone camera as best as I could & waited for them to come out! And come out they did.

The Fearless Hermit

And in waiting I found out, some of the smooth white shelled hermits were fearless, impatient ones who could not be bothered hiding for too long.

Hermit Crab

The orange & more ornate hermits made me wait longer than ten minutes to get each shot. Then if I moved or the flash of the camera came on by mistake, they would scamper right back into their shells. So, turning off the flash and being as quiet as I could, I watched this little world quarter of an inch from my feet come alive.

IMG-20130709-00285 IMG-20130709-00291

Enjoy the beauty of this little Sunset beach on Naifaru Island & the little hermits who just made my day!

IMG-20130709-00317 IMG-20130709-00310 IMG-20130709-00319

Finally, after watching the sunset when I walked away with my phone battery dead, & sand covering my legs & elbows from crawling all over the beach to get the best shots I could of the hermits, I was smiling. This is what the Maldives is all about. Discovering something new & untouched for each of us.

IMG-20130709-00333 IMG-20130709-00325



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