Turtle Island Beach

The beaches at Naifaru & another uninhabited Island that we went to called Turtle Island or Digdu have such captivating blues & greens all around that it would be a shame not to dedicate an entire post just to some pictures of the beauty that surrounds all of Maldivian Islands. We spent an entire afternoon just swimming & lazying around Turtle Island. The temperature of the waters is warm and so perfect that once inside, you wouldn’t want to come out. On the trip we carried packed lunches, lots of suntan as the sun here is pretty strong, and beach towels for everyone who wanted to lie around & get a tan! The refreshing surprise was the captain of the boat bringing us so much fresh coconut to eat & drink! There were coconuts just lying all over the Island & we even ended up taking some back with us!

I hope you enjoy the photographs as much I am enjoying being here!:)

Our boat anchored off Turtle Island

Turquoise green waters Turtle Island beach A natural pool in a tree stumpOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Coral & Seagrass at Naifaru Crab holes at Naifaru beach Sunset at Naifaru Rocky outcrop on Naifaru beach Shells washed up on shore2 Sunset at Naifaru2



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