Dog lover, scribbler, reader of all sorts, fantasy fiction topmost, friend, sister, event professional, passing cook, I am all of it and more.

Finally I have a place where my mind can meander and I don’t have to rein it in. It goes in so many myriad directions all at once, if only I could duplicate myself and explore every one of them. Life would then be one long holiday, an adventure that never ends, because the threads don’t stop unravelling. Like a kitten enjoying her ball of yarn, it goes on and on…..

Stop by often, and we shall chat. Speak soon.


4 thoughts on “About Malini Haridasan

  1. Mali i love your blog… i always knew there was a Author inside you…glad you decided to finally bring her out in the open… Love every Read…. muah….

  2. Mali… I love the way you write… i hope i get a autographed copy of your most awaited book soon… can’t wait for it to be published 🙂

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